Goat Husbandry

The Goatary is happy to train your staff or yourself on various aspects of dairy goat farming. There are simply not enough dairy goat farmers in the country to cover the demand of even the simplest dairy products. We want to offer you what we know and what we learned throughout almost 10 years of dairy goat farming. Course duration is 10 course days and price of dairy husbandry course for 1-5 participants is 85,000.oo

We offer the following course segments:
a) Pasture & Forage Management
b) Hygiene from a-z
c) Housing & Pens
d) Feeds & Feeding Practices
e) Breeding & Reproduction
f) Handling of goats
g) Animal Health & Basic Medical Care
h) Weaning Management
i) Pregnancy Care & Birth Assist
j) Farm Data Collection
k) Milk Storage, Processing & Handling
l) Dairy Farm Equipment – Selection und Use
m) Milking – Procedures – Preparation & Care
n) Manure to Fertiliser

Cheese Making

Beginners Dairy Course

There are only three steps you need to think about when making cheese at home.
A) Selecting Ingredients
B) Gathering Equipment
C) The Cheese Making Process
We will teach you in this 2 day course (2 x 4 hours) how to make sour creme. sour milk, yoghurt, butter and fresh cheese. Besides the practical exercise the course also includes the basic knowledge on hygiene in dairy production & chemistry plus various recipes.
Course is 20,000 Pesos for 1-4 participants.

Cooking Course

The Cooking Course “All about Goat”

Of all farmed animals the goat is the most undervalued in all aspects.
We have the right breed with our Nubians and they are very picky in their selection of feeds. We give them simply the best and nutrition richest feed there is. In return we get the mildest meat and the creamiest and richest milk possible. It’s free of all the “goaty” smell and goat buck flavour. Did you know that goat meat is the healthiest meat to eat?
Well, our cooking classes will teach you how to use goat meat and dairy for some of the best dishes ever!

The course takes 3 days and includes:
a) Butcher of a goat
b) Selection of cuts
c) Meat Preparation
d) Various Dishes from appetisers, soups, main courses, pizzas, pasta, salads
e) Shakes, Ice Cream, Desserts
f) Goat Cheese Selection & Recipes