The Farm

“The Goat Farm” started in 2006 on a 5 hectare mango orchard. The farm land shows a commanding view over the surrounding islands with the mountains of Negros in the back. Soon after acquiring the property, 15 mixed breed does lead by a massive 110 kg red boer were purchased from a backyard farmer on a sort of “garage sale”. It soon turned out that raising meat goats  was not much fun, so we switched to dairy goats. It fills a book to tell the adventurous stories how we were able to get an initial stock of over 100 goats with certificates of breed and pedigree from various areas in the Visayas. It still makes us laugh (at the time we were really upset!) how we figured out that some of the highly praised 1000% Nubian female kids never grew into a nubian adult size. Throughout the years we introduced dairy bucks from Australia and the US to the best of our does to improve milk volume and lactation periods. We had to boost up our herd size to over 500 goats to be able to select the best performing does. Today, after a very strict selection process, we have over 100 adult dairy goats with documented outstanding dairy properties.

In 2010 veterinarian Dr. Ed Beso Jr. became our farm manager. He is a dedicated expert for small ruminants and a guarantee that our goats are in good health. He will be happy to welcome you on a farm visit if you are interested to buy some of our great goat kids and/or more mature dairy stock, or if you want to learn about dairy goat husbandry.

Besides our work on the seasonal mango harvest, we are also growing a few pigs fed with whey and legume plants only. We will keep you posted on sales of fresh and smoked pork meats as well as availability of super sweet mangos.

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The Goatary

In 2010 we begun using our milk not only to feed our goat kids but also to produce some delicious fresh cheeses. Since no cheese making equipment was available in the Philippines, we had to import it from the US, Australia and Europe.
We were initially sorting the market in and around Dumaguete. When we produced some bigger milk volume, we realised that the local facilities for processing milk were not able to work with us. So we had no choice then producing and marketing milk and cheeses ourselves. We produced a bigger variety of cheeses and started with the typical house sale to friends and their friends. The cheeses we make today are soft, semi soft, and semi hard cheeses. Our mold cheeses are produced following traditional french recipes with beautiful raw milk. The goat breed and the feeds for our goats give the cheeses their unique flavour. 
We are producing cheese 4 x a week. You are welcome to visit us and taste the cheeses we are already famous for! We also offering cheese making courses and selling cheese making equipment and ingredients.

If you are interested just drop us a line by clicking the contact icon and get info on courses and cheese/wine tasting events!